Care Card

Keep your braids fresh with 5 easy steps.

1. Protect: Before sleeping, wrap braids in a silk scarf, bonnet, or cap.

2. Clean: gently shampoo and condition scalp and braids every 2-3 weeks. Apply moose to washed braids. Allow braids to dry completely. Visit our salon for professional braid washing services.

3. Nourish: Oil your scalp regularly. Moisturize braids with a leave-in conditioner at least 2-3 times a week. We carry a wide selection of hair care products to choose from.

4. Enjoy: show off your gorgeous braids! Take plenty pictures and share with family and friends! We love your selfies. Tag us on social media: Instagram @flourishbraids Facebook @flourishbraids1555

5. Remove: prevent hair and scalp damage; do not keep your braids in too long. A good rule of thumb is no longer than 8 weeks. We have braid take down services for your convenience.

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