The Dos and Don'ts of Hair Coloring

We've all been there: you walk out of the salon with hair that's the color of your dreams, but by week three, it's a dull shadow of its former glory. Don’t worry, you can achieve vibrant hair color. All it takes is a little TLC.
With a few "dos" and "don'ts," you can extend the life of your stunning shade and rock it with confidence. So, here’s how to maintain show-stopping hair color.

Do Deep Conditioning 

You shouldn't jump right into hair coloring. First, deep condition your hair, preferably some days before applying hair color. This helps to add moisture and strengthens your hair. Furthermore, bear in mind that coloring can make your hair dry. Thus, make deep conditioning a routine to replenish moisture.

Don't Skip Patch Test

Here's a non-negotiable. Do a patch test 48 hours before coloring to prevent allergic reactions. This simple test can save you from uncomfortable situations. Redness or itching during the patch test shows you’re allergic to some chemicals in the product.

Don't Wash Everyday

Overwashing strips your hair of natural oils, vital for healthy hair and vibrant color. Aim for two to three washes per week, using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to protect your hair.

Don't Heat Style Your Hair Always

Yes, we all love to curl and straighten our hair but exposing hair to excessive heat can damage colored hair. Minimize heat styling to the barest minimum. If you must use heat styling tools, ensure you use a heat protectant spray and keep the heat setting low.

Do Talk to Your Stylist

While the tips above can keep your hair color looking fabulous and vibrant, it’s best to get personalised advice from a hairstylist. Your stylist is your hair color guru. Consult them about the best products and routines for your specific hair type and color. They can recommend conditioners, glosses, or a color-balancing shampoo that best suits your hair type.
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