Hairstyle 101: Mastering the Lingo with Flourish Beauty Palace

Ever flipped through a magazine and felt lost in a sea of hairstyling jargon? "Blunt cut," "balayage," "French braid" – it all sounds so intimidating, right? Don't sweat it! Flourish Beauty Palace is here to demystify the hairstyling world with a handy glossary, just for you.

Maybe you're glancing through a magazine and the cascading waves of a celebrity's hair caught your attention. You dash into Flourish, determined to recreate that look. But then, the stylist throws out the word "beach waves," and your mind goes blank. What exactly are beach waves? Do they involve actual sand? No, they don't. Sit back and learn as we decode the hairstyling lingo.
Balayage: This French word describes a highlighting technique where color is hand-painted onto the hair to create a natural, gradual effect.
Blowout: No, we're not talking about tires here! A blowout is a styling technique that involves blow-drying hair with a round brush to create volume and movement. It's a salon staple for achieving that coveted "just-left-the-salon" look.
Blunt Cut: A clean, one-length cut that gives a sleek and sophisticated look. Blunt cuts can be worn on any hair length, but they are popular on short and medium-length hair.
Ends: The bane of many ladies' hair! Split ends are when the hair strand separates at the tip. Regular trims and proper hair care are key to preventing these. Flourish stylists can recommend the perfect treatment to keep your ends healthy.
Fringe/Bangs: This is the hair that falls across your forehead. They can be blunt, wispy, or side-swept, depending on your desired style.
Layers: These are sections of hair cut at different lengths, adding volume and texture. Layers create the illusion of thicker hair, especially for people with fine or limp hair.
Ombre - Similar to balayage, ombre transitions hair color from darker roots to lighter ends for a dip-dyed look.
This is just a taste of the hairstyling vocabulary waiting to be unlocked. Don't be afraid to ask questions! At Flourish Beauty Palace, our stylists are not just experts with scissors and combs; they're also masters of communication. They'll translate your hair goals into reality, using clear language and expert advice.
Don't let hairstyling terms hold you back from your dream hair! Book an appointment at Flourish Beauty Palace today. Let our stylists answer your questions, and create a look that suit you. Remember, beautiful hair starts with a conversation, and at Flourish, we're here to listen and make your mane magic happen!