2 EASY Tips To Nourish DRY HAIR

Flourish Beauty Palace has been operating in the city of Salem, Oregon for over 14 years. Part of our purpose is educating our beloved hair community. 

“WHY IS MY HAIR SO DRY?” is a common question that our clients ask. Unfortunately, afro textured hair is naturally dry because the oils produced at the scalp take a long time to travel down the curls to nourish the hair strands. Be mindful if you choose to apply hair relaxers, hair dyes, and heat styles, as they denaturalize curls and cause dryness. When hair is dry it is brittle, weak, tangles easily and susceptible to breakage.

A major key to achieving healthy afro texture hair is to add moisture at every step of your hair care routine. Don’t skimp on it either! Here are two hair care secrets that YOU NEED TO KNOW:


1. Add oil to your hair conditioner. In that way, every time you wash your hair, you are adding additional moisture. If possible, go for cold pressed plant-based oils. This method of oil extraction does not use heat, which helps to maintain the nutritional properties of the oil. Try using avocado or safflower oil. Keep in mind that everyone’s hair is different; find an oil that works best for you.


2. Deep conditioning treatments should be applied once a month; consider them as a permanent part of your hair care routine. DEEP conditioning treatments are concentrated nutritive formulas. Heat is used to activate the treatment and deeply penetrate the hair shaft and follicles. Basically, it moisturizes and feeds the hair from the inside out. Regular conditioner only works on the surface of the hair. Visit Flourish Beauty Palace for your next deep conditioning treatment.


We challenge you to try these two tips for two months! You will be amazed by the quick results. Healthy hair is right around the corner. 

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