Braids: A Celebration Of Black History Culture & Tradition

As a Black woman-owned business, celebrating our culture is important to us. We can’t talk about our culture without talking about Black hair! Some of our best memories come from sitting between the legs of our mom, auntie, sister, or cousin as they braided our hair. It was a rite of passage for many of us. 



Braids are a cute protective style and are so versatile. At Flourish Beauty Palace, we have everything for all types of braids: cornrows, Box braids, Senegalese Twists, Fulani braids, Knotless braids…you get the idea. Braids are a pretty hairstyle, one that has a rich history going back thousands of years. 

Ever since African civilizations existed elaborate braided hairstyles were used to show which tribe a person was a part of, social status, marital status, and wealth. Braids were an important part of our identity.

They also became a resourceful style and a part of our survival. According to Know Your Caribbean, “many African women braided rice or seeds into their hair before journeying the Middle Passage, on their way to enslavement or braided it into their children’s hair before the separation between plantations, so that they could eat.” 

During slavery, braids became less elaborate and more practical. Cornrows (or canerows), the braiding style that was named after the corn fields in America and sugar cane fields in the Caribbean, became the practical choice because of a lack of time and tools. They became a way for enslaved Africans to communicate with each other without their slave owner knowing and to map their freedom. 

Braids are an African tradition that weaves our history - past, present, and future - together. We are happy to carry that tradition and share that with you through our salon Flourish Beauty Palace. The owner Ola Elkanah was inspired by her childhood memories of getting her hair done. In Nigeria every Sunday after church, Ola, her sisters, aunties, and friends gathered together to braid each other’s hair. It was a time for bonding, sharing stories, and giving each other support and advice. Over 14 years Ola has shared our rich culture of community and hair braiding in Oregon. Flourish Beauty Palace is home to those looking for connection to their roots. 


On behalf of everyone at Flourish Beauty Palace, HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! We invite you to celebrate with us! Visit our Instagram page @FlourishBraids and tag us in your braid post anytime of the year because Black history is every day!