6 Essential Hair Care Tips to Refresh Your Tresses in Spring

Yes, winter is finally behind us but not without leaving its effects on our hair. Dryness, dullness, and breakage – sounds familiar? Those are just a few winter woes that can leave your strands feeling less than perfect. You're not alone in this. Just like you swap your winter coat for a breezy sundress, spring is the best time to refresh your hair care routine. Get ready to rejuvenate your tresses and embrace bouncy, healthy hair in Spring with these essential tips.

1. Trim those split ends

Split ends

Say goodbye to split ends, the unwanted result of harsh winter weather. Treat yourself to a trim to get rid of those damaged ends and start fresh with healthy hair that's ready to grow and shine. 

2. Spring clean your products

Spring clean products

Just like your closet, your bathroom shelf needs a seasonal overhaul. Toss any expired or ineffective products. What's more, discard products that smell funny or don't address your hair needs. 

3. Hydration is key

hydrate hair

Spring can make your hair feel dry. Let conditioner and serum be your best friend in these warmer months. Deep condition regularly to seal in moisture, and keep your strands hydrated and healthy.

4. Give heat styling a break

heat styling

Heat styling tools combined with winter's effects can dry out your strands. Let heat styling take a back seat this season. Dry your hair naturally or embrace the beachy waves with a diffuser attachment. Plus, if you must use heat, apply a heat protectant spray beforehand to minimize damage.

5. Get rid of frizz


As humidity rises, so does frizz. Consider using an anti-frizz serum or leave-in conditioner to keep your hair smooth and under control. Products containing argan oil or shea butter are also good choices. With these, your bad hair days are over. 

6. Sun protection doesn't stop at sunscreen

Sun protection

Believe it or not, the sun's rays can damage your hair just like your skin. Apply a leave-in conditioner with SPF or a UV protectant spray before heading outdoors to shield your strands from harmful UV rays. Alternatively, you can wear a hat before stepping out.

Enlist help from the pros

What's a better way to care for your hair in spring than enlisting the help of a qualified professional. Book an appointment with our hair expert at Flourish Beauty Palace. Let's pamper your hair and give you styling tips specific for your hair type. Bear in mind, the above are general tips. You need to consult a stylist for personalized recommendations. Don't forget, healthy hair is happy hair. Make that call today.